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Custom Brightening Peel Mini is a great peel. It is the mini version of our Custom Brightening Peel (formerly known as the Melanage Peel) that targets pigmented spots on your skin. It is a combination of Lactic, Azelaic and Phytic acids. A small amount peeling will be expected after your treatment, but you are left with lighter, smoother, more beautiful skin! A post-treatment kit is included with the peel that you will use for 2 weeks following your peel.

Gloss Peel is a superficial peel designed to refresh stressed skin with a unique synthesis of cell turn over enhancers and Vitamin A. it will help restore youthful glow with minimal effort by using pain free trichloroacetic acid.

MicroPeel is a light epidermal peel using either a Lactic or Glycolic Acid. The dead cells are removed by dermaplaning prior to acid application. Cryotherapy is also used to continue exfoliation and kill of underlying bacteria. Your skin will look radiant and more attractive – perfect for that special event.

Vitalize Peel is a combination of a Lactic, Salicylic and Resourcinol acids. It is fabulous for shedding off the top keratin layer of dead cells. And not only does it stimulate collagen, improved texture is noticed immediately and a glow out this world.

Acne Treatment is a light, gentle epidermal peel using Lactic Acid followed by cryotherapy that kills underlying bacteria. Includes extractions.

Platinum Peel PRX– This awesome TCA peel from Italy involves little to no peeling, no pain, no downtime.  That is unheard of when using a TCA! Safe for all skin types!  It helps to stimulate the Skin’s Regenerative Process- collagen stimulation , smoother skin and refined fine lines. 


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