Our Practice

A History of Excellence

Dr. Banis Plastic Surgery – Over 60 Years of Combined Experience

Dr. Banis Plastic Surgery has built a reputation for excellence in Louisville over the past 20 years. We pride ourselves in providing the very best aesthetic consultation and surgery, anywhere in the country.

With our doctors’ training and vigorous background and expertise in complex reconstruction procedures, requiring intricate microsurgery techniques, we are uniquely qualified and skilled to provide you with the finest aesthetics improvements available. We see the positive effects of their work every day.

However, we never lose sight of the fact that having even the smallest medical procedure can be a big step – one that comes with its share of apprehension and uncertainty. We know that some people may even shy away from doing something that could ultimately have a positive impact on their lives, simply because of how they feel they might be perceived. This is why we consider it a privilege to lead our patients carefully through the process, provide them with personal attention, and help them make informed decisions.

Our Patients Say

I always look forward to a visit to Dr. Banis office! His staff is very welcoming and pleasant. It seems that Dr. Banis always takes a minute to “peek” his head in the door to say hi even if you are there having a facial peel, filler, Botox, etc. with one of his lovely nurses.

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