Patients in need of fair, even-colored, and younger skin can turn to Moxi to jumpstart their skincare journey. This light-touch treatment option can help address issues like uneven skin pigmentation and sun damage. For more details about Moxi treatments in Louisville, schedule a consultation with one of our skin care specialists at Banis Plastic Surgery.

What Is Moxi?

Moxi is a laser treatment that is extremely friendly to patients who are just starting their skincare routines. It involves no downtime and can even be done during lunchtime. It is safe to be used on every skin type and provides a gentle approach in countering signs of aging. It can also restore damaged skin to pristine conditions.

How Does Moxi Work?

Moxi uses a fractioned-wavelength handheld laser device that delivers gentle energy waves into the skin of the patient. The intensity of the delivery will depend on what type of cosmetic correction is required. The interface has three levels, with each one being controlled via a user-friendly interface.

It can provide defense against damage and signs of aging, as well as revitalize damaged skin to make it look younger and more vibrant. It can also be used for long-term maintenance in conjunction with any skincare regimen that patients may have.

Am I a Good Candidate for Moxi?

A Moxi treatment is perfect for patients who are in need of reversing any damage caused by too much exposure to the sun. These can include uneven skin pigmentation as well as issues with the tone and texture. Patients beginning to show signs of aging can also benefit from this treatment.

Patients must be in good health to qualify for this treatment. They must also have realistic expectations.

Your Moxi Session

A Moxi treatment can be done in the office during the patient’s lunchbreak. The Moxi setting will vary depending on the skin issue that needs to be treated.

The fractioned wavelength will then be delivered to the affected areas on the patient’s skin. The overall treatment will typically last no more than 30 minutes.

Moxi Aftercare

Once the Moxi treatment has been concluded, the patient’s face will be cleaned. Instructions for skincare treatments will then be provided based on the cosmetic problem that was addressed. Patients will be advised not to wear makeup for at least 24 hours. No downtime or recovery time will be needed.

How Much Does Moxi Cost?

The cost of Moxi treatments will depend on what the patient needs the treatment for. Prices can vary depending on whether it is being used for rejuvenation, renewal, or maintenance.

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