Face Lift for Men

Face Lift for Men

As men age, the effects of gravity, exposure to the sun, and the stresses of daily life can be seen in their faces. While a facelift can’t stop the aging process, it can turn back the clock. At our plastic surgery practice in Louisville, KY, board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Joseph Banis and Dr. Angela Prescott, and board-eligible plastic surgeon Dr. Blake Sparks offer male facelift surgery, so men can enjoy long-lasting, natural-looking facial rejuvenation results.

What Is a Male Facelift?

When it comes to surgical facial rejuvenation, a facelift is one of the best options for resolving severe signs of facial aging throughout the mid and lower face. Facelift procedures involve trimming away excess skin, tightening facial muscles, and removing or repositioning fat for lifting, sculpting, and firming effects that can take years off the facial appearance.

Facelifts for men are intended to achieve the angles and contours associated with a masculine look. This often includes enhancing definition of the chin, jawline, and neck.

Male Facelift Candidates

Men who have reduced skin elasticity, sagging jowls, deep facial creases, and/or loss of facial volume are often ideal candidates for a male facelift. A consultation with one of our plastic surgeons is the optimal way to find out if a male facelift is right for you.

During your consultation, the surgeon will physically examine your facial structure and tissue and speak with you in-depth about your treatment goals. Candidates must be in good general health and able to safely undergo a surgical procedure, so our plastic surgeon will also review your medical history when assessing your eligibility for the procedure. 

Benefits of a Male Facelift

  • Removes excess facial fat
  • Tightens underlying facial muscles
  • Re-drapes the skin of your face and neck
  • Noticeable, yet natural-looking results
  • More defined jawline
  • Smoother, leaner neck
  • Can be done alone or in conjunction with a brow lift or eyelid surgery

Facelift for Men: What to Expect During the Procedure

A facelift is typically performed under general anesthesia. During the procedure, incisions will be made along the hairline to the back of the ears. This incision placement allows for discreet post-surgical marks. From there, the underlying muscles can be tightened and adjusted, and any excess skin or fat can be removed. The remaining skin is then lifted, so the face has a smooth and youthful appearance. The incisions are then closed with sutures.

Male Facelift Recovery and Results

After a facelift procedure, some bruising and swelling are to be expected. There will be a certain amount of downtime, which can vary depending on the individual. This will be discussed during your consultation.

In general, the results provided by a male facelift can last for 10 years or more. Various factors can affect your results over time. This includes the natural aging process, sun exposure, and proper skincare. It is important to keep your skin protected from the sun, hydrated, and nourished to maintain the quality of your results for as long as possible.

Our Expertise

At Joseph Banis Plastic Surgery, we are dedicated to providing personalized care and exceptional results. A unique surgical plan is created for each patient to address his specific concerns and accommodate his needs. Our plastic surgeons are highly trained in the latest facelift techniques and understand the anatomical and cosmetic factors that must be considered when performing facelift procedures for men. 

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about facelift surgery for men and find out if you are a candidate, contact our practice today to schedule a consultation. Our plastic surgeons are proud to be considered top providers of male facelift surgery in Louisville, KY and look forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. 

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