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Discover why celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Bo Derek and Oprah Winfrey choose Skin Medica’s TNS line to give them a smooth, flawless and radiantly youthful complexion. Following almost two decades of medical research in wound healing, Skin Medica has created a treatment that provides the skin with what it uses naturally to fight aging: growth factors. This exciting breakthrough is light years ahead of its competitors in terms of concentration, delivery and stability.

The TNS (tissue nutrient solution) line of treatments contain Nouricel-MD, which combines natural growth factors, matrix proteins and soluble collagen to restore what time and our environment have taken away. With daily, consistent use, our patients see a significant reduction of wrinkles, age spots and discolorations, as well as an improvement of skin texture and elasticity. Results as dramatic as the science behind it!

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We have saved our patients thousands of dollars in rebates through the Alle by Brilliant Distinctions program! If you are not an Alle by Brilliant Distinctions member you are missing out.

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