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Probiotic Revitalizing Cleanser

The first of its kind Glowbiotics MD has bioengineered ingredients composed of amino acids, fatty acids, lipopeptides, novel retinods and vitamins from plant rather than human or animal sources.

Key mybody technologically advanced, proprietary ingredients enhance, support & biomimic the body’s own best practices by:

  • Stimulating older cells to restart youthful activity (mySBP)
  • Regulating proteins for optimal retinol activity without typical irritation (myGF3™)
  • Healing, repairing and providing damage resistance with topical probiotics to strengthen cells
  • Multiplying enzymes that terminate free radicals at a rate of billions to one over antioxidants alone
  • Breaking up P. acnes bacteria byproducts and boosting its kill rate for swift blemish prevention & recovery

Working from the inside out, without excessive peeling, the skin is left brighter, detoxifying and making the skin tighter, smoother and wrinkles relaxed. We are so excited to be the first in Kentucky to offer this great line of skin care.

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