Custom Brightening Peel Mini

Located in Louisville, KY.

This great peel is the mini version of our Custom Brightening Peel (formerly known as the Melanage Peel). Specifically targeting pigment of your skin, it is a combination of three acids Lactic, Azelaic and Phytic acid. A small amount peeling will be expected following your peel, but you are left with lighter, smoother, beautiful skin! A post kit is included with the peel that you will use for 2 weeks following your peel.

Non-Polarized View
After 1 week – First Peel

Custom Brightening Peel Mini results

Polarized View
After 1 week – First peel

Custom Brightening Peel Mini before and after

Before & Afters

Custom Brightening Mini Peel before photoCustom Brightening Mini Peel after photo

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Patient Testimonials

"I can honestly say that I am impressed"

“I have had Ultherapy treatment and I can honestly say that I am impressed. Each treatment brings an immediate tightening effect and then over the next few months you see your skin continue to improve. It is excellent at stimulating the deeper skin layers. The collagen in my face gets a major boost – and so does my confidence level! This is a treatment that actually produces real and noticeable results. I now have a maintenance treatment on a yearly basis. The treatment is completely tolerable with no downtime. In my opinion, there are not too many treatments available that can give you impressive results and no time out for healing, you’re good to go. You should approach the treatment with realistic expectations and afterwards be pleasantly surprised. It is not a miracle worker, but it just might be the next closest thing. My experience has been completely positive and I love to get a big bang for my buck. Ultherapy is an amazing treatment and a very good investment. Aging is inevitable, but who says you can’t do it gracefully and at a slower rate. I will also say that it is incredibly important to have it performed by a trusted provider who is well trained with this procedure. Abby has both the credentials as well as the experience with this treatment and I trust her without reservation. If you are considering Ultherapy, make an appointment with Abby today.”

"Ulthera has been helpful tightening loose skin"

have had the pleasure of receiving Ulthera Treatments with Abbey at Dr. Banis’ office for years with excellent results. I continue to do post facelift for a tightening and lifting effect. Even after loosing 20 lbs, Ulthera has been helpful tightening loose skin on my neck.

"I love the results!"

“Every few years, I have an Ultherapy treatment on my face and neck. The treatments have prolonged the need for a facelift. It has tightened, the beginning stages of sagging chin skin and tightened other areas too. I plan on continuing this treatment every few years. I love the results!”