Custom Brightening Peel Mini

Conveniently located to serve Louisville, KY.

This great peel is the mini version of our Custom Brightening Peel (formerly known as the Melanage Peel). Specifically targeting pigment of your skin, it is a combination of three acids Lactic, Azelaic and Phytic acid. A small amount peeling will be expected following your peel, but you are left with lighter, smoother, beautiful skin! A post kit is included with the peel that you will use for 2 weeks following your peel.

Non-Polarized View
After 1 week – First Peel

Custom Brightening Peel Mini results

Polarized View
After 1 week – First peel

Custom Brightening Peel Mini before and after

Before & Afters

Custom Brightening Mini Peel before photoCustom Brightening Mini Peel after photo

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