Q: What is Ulthera?
A: Ulthera is micro-focused ultrasound waves that penetrate the deeper tissues, FDA cleared to lift and tighten the skin. Areas of treatment include Face, Brow, Neck and Decolletage. It is not a laser as often mistaken, the skin stays intact and has essentially has little to no downtime.

Q: Who is a good candidate for Ulthera?
A: Ulthera is a great treatment to stimulate the deeper tissue in your skin. It is ideal if tissues have not lost their elasticity. We see best results in patients ranging from 40 -65 years old depending on the quality of their skin. We can determine this treatment is ideal for you during a consultation.

Q: Does it work differently for men and women?
A: It works the same for men and women. Some men require more lines to treat their surface of their skin for an effective treatment and outcome.

Q: How does Ulthera stimulate the creation of collagen?
A: We can control the depths of the micro-focused ultrasound waves that go into the skin. The image panel of the skin tells us exactly what is most beneficial for the patient to get the best results as everyone has different thickness of skin and collagen, so it is not a one size fits all. We treat the treated area with multiple different depths.

Q: How is Ulthera different from other cosmetic procedures?
A: Ulthera is considered non-invasive and there is essentially no downtime with this procedure. It is also a one treatment modality that is recommended to re-treat every 1 ½ years for maintenance and we find that our patients are ready for another treatment by that time. Results are accumulative (not instant) over a 6-month period.

Q: How long do the results last after Ulthera?
A: 1 ½ to 2 years

Q: Are there any side effects?
A: This is the awesome thing about Ulthera. The most common side effect (and it is not very common) is bruising and as long as you are being treated by a technician who understands facial anatomy a very safe treatment.

Q: What does an Ulthera treatment feel like?
A: Ulthera feels like a hot little needle. It has no lasting burning or pain post treatment, though you may be slightly flushed in treated areas following your treatment. It is what our patients love about the treatment is that they can go on with their everyday lives immediately.