by: Maleah M.

“Cool Sculpting is the most AMAZING thing I could ever have done for myself, without a doubt! After years – YEARS – of diet trends, gym memberships, outrageous workouts, a thousand different meal apps/ plans, and watching my weight forever fluctuate, I FINALLY seen actual changes in my body. Have the stubborn lower abdomen ridge, you know, the one that resists every ab work out known to man? I don’t. At 31, after spending the whole of my 20’s trying to get rid that roll- it is GONE! I literally wasted years of my life and money. Oh, did I mention thighs and appearance in reduction of cellulite ??? yeah. Have had cellulite since like, 16 and those fun little saddle bags. NO MAS! I mean, all the cellulite isn’t gone, but know that it has visibly reduced CONSIDERABLY. I will be wearing that regular bikini this summer- believe that! Ladies and gentlemen, TREAT YO SELF! so. so. so. soooooo. worth it.”