Thinning hair can have devastating effects on a person’s appearance at any age. If you are experiencing hair loss for any reason, your self-confidence could take a nosedive in a significant way. There are several hair treatments on the market that claim to restore hair, but very few live up to their claim. Fortunately, there is now an innovative solution for your hair woes. PRP hair restoration can reverse hair loss by using an all-natural process that utilizes your body’s own healing power.

What is PRP Hair Restoration?

Hair loss can be reversed through PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy. A medical treatment utilizes a three-step process. The first step in the process is having your blood drawn from a vein in the arm. Next, the blood is put into a centrifuge to separate fluids, which takes a few minutes to complete. This results in the blood being separated into three layers. Once the platelets are separated, platelet-rich plasma is reserved. This blood component contains proteins that support cell growth. This protein-rich plasma is then concentrated and then injected into the scalp. This PRP, which contains many growth factors, stimulates the growth of hair follicles.

How PRP Hair Restoration Therapy Works

Because PRP is so concentrated, it contains more platelets than normal circulating blood. Blood consists of both blood cells and plasma. Only plasma contains both white blood cells and platelets. Platelets contain growth factors that send signals to skin cells. These factors stimulate hair follicles and the result is new hair growth. PRP hair restoration is changing the way doctors are treating hair loss. They now have a better understanding of the hair cycle and its role in hair loss. When PRP is injected into the scalp, it promotes regeneration by helping to repair damaged hair follicles. These platelets work to stimulate hair growth. PRP hair restoration has been effectively used in both men and women who suffer from hair loss.

What Is Involved in PRP Hair Restoration Treatment?

This minimally-invasive procedure is fast as are the visible results. The treatment begins with injections in the scalp being placed about every half inch in the area of the thinning hair. This procedure takes less than an hour to complete and begins with drawing a sample of your blood, processing it to separate the platelets, and then placing it in a syringe for introducing into the scalp. You may be offered a local anesthesia before the injections. Treatments are usually recommended and scheduled between spans of months.

If you are feeling frustrated by hair loss and have tried a number of treatments with no or limited results, you might want to consider the natural benefits of this safe PRP hair restoration process. Many people of all ages are enjoying the benefits of this new approach. For more information, contact the office of Joseph Banis, M.D. to schedule your consultation today! We are conveniently located in Louisville, KY.