You’ve heard about the wonders of Deka DOT® laser therapy. This laser treatment that is designed to enhance the appearance of your skin uses the SmartXide DOT® CO2 laser. It’s one of the latest additions in the field of laser treatments and it’s drawing attention for positive reviews. If you are looking for a treatment that is quick, means a short healing time, and is minimally invasive, this could be the right approach for you. The main goal of DOT® laser therapy is to rejuvenate your skin. It will go to work on the surface of your skin in order to reveal the healthier skin that lies beneath the surface.

Is DOT® Laser Therapy Right for You?

DOT® laser therapy is considered an effective alternative to treat the following:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Brown spots
  • Acne scars and other scars on your skin
  • Skin that has lost its firmness

If the surface of your skin has been blemished in some way, whether it is by time, exposure to the sun, an injury, there is a good chance that this laser treatment can change your life. You aren’t going to be able to stop time in its tracks or erase every mark you have ever had, but you can rejuvenate your skin in a way that will make you happy.

What Can You Expect from DOT® Laser Therapy?

When you come in for a treatment session with the DOT® laser, it will only take about a half hour out of your day. Your treatment will be personalized for you as a member of our team evaluates the areas of need on your face. Once the targeted areas have been identified, the DOT® laser will go to work. It actually makes microscopic DOTs, or perforations, in your skin. These DOTs will promote the production of collagen in the treated skin. This will make the skin become tighter. It will also stimulate the production of healthy skin cells and stimulate circulation to the area.

You may have a topical anesthetic applied to your skin to ensure that you are comfortable. You won’t need any other kind of anesthesia. The laser will be moved to different areas on your skin and the settings will be adjusted to meet your needs. When your treatment is over, you may feel like you have a sunburn. You will be red for a few days. The fresh skin that has been enhanced by your treatment will slowly reveal itself. Within ten days, you should really be able to appreciate your results.

Learn More About DOT® Laser Therapy Today

If you are looking for a quick and effective way to refresh the appearance of your skin, DOT® laser therapy could be right for you. Contact us today at the office of plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Banis in Louisville, KY. Make an appointment to have your skin evaluated and learn more about this exciting therapy. One session could make a world of difference.