Société Clinical Skincare makes one of my favorite cleansers,” AHA Exfoliating Cleanser.” It’s botanically-based with effective Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Acids (Malic, Glycolic, Lactic). Performance ingredients such as Australian Tea Tree Oil and Echinacea offer anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. The cleanser is free of parabens, sodium laurel sulfate and propylene glycol.

Directions: at night, I apply a small amount to the face and lather for 60 seconds then rinse. I repeat, this time using my Clarisonic skin brush. In the morning, I apply a dime-size to a damp face and lather (leaving it on while I brush my teeth), then rinse thoroughly. The daily exfoliation helps skin to look healthier, smoother and firmer – suitable for all skin types, and is particularly effective on oily skin. Skin feels soft without irritation. I follow this up with their Conditioning Prep Solution or their Clarifying Prep Solution. … Olga, Customer Service