A breast lift is an excellent way to make your body appear more youthful and restore the body proportions that were yours before pregnancy, lactation, age or weight fluctuations made your breasts sag. Also called a mastopexy, this procedure is popular among women in Louisville, KY who are entering middle-age and who are done bearing children. While pregnancy is not impossible after this procedure, our practitioner will recommend that you be done bearing children before undergoing mastopexy. To prepare yourself thoroughly, you should be well aware of what expectations you should have of a breast lift.

Expect Pre-Procedure Tests and Changes

Before your surgery, you will have at least one or two consultations with our surgeon. During this time, he will assess you physically to ensure that your body is ready for this change. You will have a physical examination including a close assessment of your breasts and nipples. Our surgeon may also recommend that you have a mammogram and undergo certain lab work before surgery. You may need to stop taking certain medications prior to surgery and should stop smoking because this will impact recovery.

Expect Anesthesia

Breast lifts in Louisville, KY require some type of anesthesia because they are surgical procedures. Our surgeon may recommend either general anesthesia or a mixture of IV sedation with local anesthesia depending on your needs.

Expect to Be Home the Same Day

Most breast lifts are done as outpatient surgeries. You will recover briefly in the surgery center before being discharged home. Be sure that you have someone to help you at home for the first few days following the surgery.

Expect a Recovery

You may find that you have some discomfort and need to rest most of the time for the first week or two following the surgery. After you have fully recovered, you can really enjoy your results. You can expect gorgeous, perky breasts following your surgery. Most women look and feel more youthful once their breasts are no longer sagging.

Of course, your breast lift will be unique to you in that our surgeon may use different techniques to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Visit Dr. Banis Plastic Surgery in Louisville, KY to learn more. Contact us today to book your consultation!