When people talk about cosmetic surgery and breasts, breast augmentation is the first thing that comes to mind. Most women are looking for fuller breasts with an enhanced shape. You are at the opposite end of the spectrum. You have been dealing with excessively large breasts for too long and you can’t stand it any longer. You’ve been carrying this weight on your chest and it’s dragging you down. You just want to be able to stand up straight instead of hunching your shoulders all the time. Your neck and shoulders hurt because of the weight of your bust. Worst of all, your back hurts all the time. You’ve tried chiropractor visits and medication. Nothing works. You need to cut your breasts down to size so that you’re not carrying such a heavy burden. A breast reduction can help you.

What Happens During Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction generally involves removing excess fat and breast tissue to ensure less strain on your back. During your consultation with our surgeon, you will get to discuss your goals and work out a treatment plan. Be sure to pay attention to restrictions in physical activity during your recovery period.

You’ll notice that your chest feels lighter right away. You’ll no longer have that weight that has been too much for your back to carry. You will be able to have better posture when your breasts are not pulling you down. A breast reduction can give you the relief that you have wanted so badly.

Is Now the Right Time for Breast Reduction?

If you have always felt like your breasts were not proportionate with the rest of your body, a breast reduction can create balance. If you have lost weight but your breasts continue to be too large, this procedure can bring your bust down to a size that works for you. If you are tired of living with a backache day in and day out, think about breast reduction. It’s a surgical procedure that will be personalized for you to get optimal results. Choose to trim your breasts down to size and find out how free you will feel.

Learn More About Breast Reduction Today

Our skilled plastic surgeon is your ultimate source for information when you are thinking about any type of cosmetic surgery. Before you take the plunge with this procedure, make an appointment with us at the office of Plastic Surgeon Dr. Joseph Banis in Louisville. Take the time to sit and discuss the troubles you have been having because your breasts are too much of a burden. Let our plastic surgeon ease the load that you carry. You’ll be able to move freely and live without the shadow of chronic back pain hanging over you. Contact us today to find out if breast reduction is right for you!