by: J. C.

“I cant thank you, Dr. Banis, enough for changing my life. To those reading this, six months ago, I had a procedure done to repair a lot of sun damage as well as turn back the clock on my face. My life has taken a wonderful change for the better since having CO2 laser resurfacing under anesthesia done. I am a Florida native and spent the first 31 years of my life literally on the beach and in the sun 12 months a year. I ended up with a lot of sun damage and major aging and by the time I was in my 50s, I looked like I was in my 80s. I had deep creases in my jawline and many deep wrinkles, especially around my mouth and eyes. I also had actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratoses, rough areas, freckles, large brown spots, etc. and DR. BANIS ERASED THEM ALL at one time with one procedure. He is a true miracle worker, and I say that because I had a similar procedure, less invasive, done by another physician years earlier with NO results. Dr. Banis, you have made my skin look better than it did when I was in my 20s and 30s. You covered more area than I ever expected including eyelids and all the way to my lips, under my jawline and down my neck a little with wonderful results. You covered probably 40% more area than when I had it done before because they did not touch my eyes or mouth and stopped at my jawline. You really turned back the clock for me and now I have more confidence to get out and live life. I am a happier person and I am not hiding away like a turtle in his shell avoiding reunions, weddings and funerals as I use to do. It is a great feeling, a liberating feeling. My one regret is waiting so long to have it done. For years when I looked in the mirror or any reflection I passed, I would cringe and say Oh God, who is that old woman in the mirror and be bummed out all day long, but now I smile when I look in the mirror and it is a giddy smile. I thought I could not afford a procedure like this because I am a paycheck to paycheck person, but when I added up.”