The response we are seeing to Coolsculpting has been phenomenal – the days and weeks are booking up so fast we can barely keep up! We are now almost 4 months out from our first patients, so we are starting to see the results of the treatments as well – we are very excited to report that the results are looking amazing! 🙂 People are reporting feeling better about themselves, finally feeling like they are fitting into their clothes the way they want, and losing inches in the areas that they treated – all within 3-4 months, with NO downtime, and NO surgery! Keep an eye on our website, as we hope to start posting the before and afters of our patients soon! I hope by now that all of you have had a chance to hear our new radio ads on FM 102.3 or AM 790. We have been super excited about the response that we are getting from these ads, and they are constantly changing, so be sure and listen for any upcoming events and promotions that we may have going on!