Surgery Day:

After a few years of wanting a brow lift, I finally did it! Dr . Banis proposed an endoscopic approach, which meant he would use a scope to access the surgical sites through three incisions on my scalp. I arrived two hours before my procedure to allow time for registration and nursing admission. The entire staff at Baptist East Hospital was both professional and caring, making my experience as pleasant as possible. The surgery itself lasted about 1 ½ hours. When I awoke in the Recovery Room, I was absolutely pain free! Although I felt great, I did look a little scary, as I had layers of gauze and an ace-wrap covering the upper 1/3 of my face and head to help prevent bleeding and swelling. I started my pain medicine as soon as I got home and stayed on a regular medication schedule to keep my discomfort to a minimum. Overall, I felt pretty good today and had no problems (like nausea) from the anesthesia used.

Post-Op Day #1:

Slept in our recliner last night to help prevent any unnecessary swelling. I took my ace-wrap off this morning and saw there was only one tiny bruise to my left eye lid- Amazing! I noticed the four tiny incisions (about the length of a staple) to my forehead ( just above my brows) with small pieces of tape covering them. I was able to shower and wash my hair today- I can’t tell you how great that felt! The post-op pain started to “kick-in” today, giving a sensation of pressure/tightness to my forehead and temples with “pinching” sensations to the incision sites on my scalp. I applied ice compresses every hour that I was awake (They felt so good!) and took my pain meds every 4-6 hours. I ended up sleeping much of the day away, but I am sure that my body needed the rest….

Post-Op Day #2:

Our recliner is getting a workout! Again, I spent all night in it and awoke with a small bruise below my right eye and ALOT more facial swelling, particularly around my eyes. My face was so swollen and my brows so distorted that my 9-year old exclaimed, “Mommy, you have angry eyes!” Dr. Banis called to check on me and re-assured me that the crazy appearance of my brows was only temporary and due to the amount of swelling. The surgical tape covering small incisions on my forehead fell off in the shower today and the incisions look fantastic- No stitches and completely closed. Overall, my energy level was better today. I took my pain medicines and used ice packs around the clock again.

Post-Op Day #3

As expected, my swelling and pain were at their worst today. This is true of almost all surgeries and I am glad that I knew to expect it! Lots of rest, medicine and ice today. My husband remains perplexed as to why I had this done in the first place? He says he loved me just the way I was- he didn’t see a “problem” with my eye brows . I can’t wait to show him my before and after photos…..

Post-Op Day #4

More of the same today, though my pain is starting to improve. Mostly just a strong, dull headache in the forehead region, which is completely expected. I am taking my meds less often today and moving around the house more- though the past few days of rest and having my family wait on me for a change were wonderful! I am looking forward to my appointment tomorrow with Dr. Banis.

Post-Op Day #5

Woke up this morning looking great, even after spending my first night lying flat in bed! I can’t believe how great my brows look! My visit with Dr. Banis went well. He was pleased with my progression and even took out my staples today- Ithink there were almost 30! Even though I still had some swelling, we went ahead and took some initial post-op photos today. I knew that I was happy with my results, but I could not believe how dramatic the changes were! I see these changes every day in our practice , so you’d think I would have been prepared. I couldn’t wait to show the rest of the office staff and my friends. Let me tell you- I was not the only one who was blown away.


2 Weeks Later-

Back to my normal routine. My recovery couldn’t have gone any more smoothly. I continue to show friends my Before and After photos (I love to see their reactions), as this has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I would do it all over again- the results far outweigh the few days of discomfort I experienced. To anyone considering this or any other cosmetic surgery…..don’t wait! I am glad that I did this when I wanted to instead of wasting time waiting and contemplating. Now I will have many years of enjoying my results!