by: Anonymous

“The results of my full face CO2 Laser procedure totally exceeded my expectations! It almost seems impossible that so much improvement could happen so quickly and without surgery. My face looks like it did 20+ years ago. My friends are amazed at the difference in my appearance and many of them are now considering the procedure themselves. The first week was a bit of a challenge. I would describe it as unpleasant at times, but the discomfort was tolerable. Beyond that there has been no discomfort, and I have been out and about since day 13, with just some residual redness that I can cover with make-up. I write this at 18 days from the procedure, and I am thrilled that I had it, and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to look younger and revitalized with a minimally invasive procedure. I appreciate Dr.. Banis’ advice, skill, empathy and kindness so much. He and his staff are the best!”