MASKNE (mask acne): it’s a real term and an actual issue on the rise as more people are wearing masks for longer periods of time.

What was originally referred to when describing the acne football players would get where their helmet rubs, is now an issue for many others wearing a mask. Masks can worsen skin issues that already exist or cause new ones. Add in the summer heat and humidity and you’ve got a perfect equation for breakouts.

Here are a few tips to avoid maskne:

Consider the type of mask you wear

For many healthcare workers, the type of mask you wear is out of your control, but for others wearing a mask out to run an errand, you’re luckily able to choose the mask you wear. 100% cotton is your best option to prevent acne while also getting the level of protection needed against the virus. Cotton is also able to be put in the wash and therefore can be cleaned for unlimited amounts of use.

Think about your skincare routine

During this time simple may be better – if you are suffering from acne caused by wearing a mask, change up your routine a bit. At our office we offer Banis MD Skincare and can help determine what skincare routine will work best for you. The mask will actually intensify product delivery to your skin since that part of your face isn’t getting much breathability, so less is better.

Wear less makeup

As mentioned above, the skin under your mask is not getting much air – top that by adding makeup is a double negative. If you put on makeup for a video call or to feel put together that day, consider taking it off when you leave the house and put your mask on. If you sweat underneath your mask, having no makeup on will better your chance of avoiding breakouts.

If you’re suffering from maskne, schedule a consultation with us today!