When you are the parent of a teenager who has skin problems, you might try overcoming acne or rashes with drugstore products. In many cases, these beauty care items make the problems worse, so it is essential to bring your child to an expert who can diagnose the medical condition to provide the best treatment. Here are some of the skin conditions that require professional teen skin care.

Skin Condition 1: Fungal Infections

While your teenager might develop athlete’s foot from a fungal infection after walking on a dirty locker room floor, a fungus can transfer to other areas of the body, including the face and torso. Visiting an expert for teen skin care treatment as soon as possible can prevent additional problems from fungal infections affecting internal organs.

Skin Condition 2: Warts

Warts are hard but small growths that occur on the skin, including on the face or body. Your teenager may feel embarrassed by having one or more warts, but you can visit a medical expert to have the item removed correctly to prevent any scarring.

Skin Condition 3: Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is an itchy rash that is caused by an irritant such as laundry detergent, jewelry, or another substance that affects the skin. Your teenager may also come into contact with plants such as poison ivy or oak, and having a rash on the face or certain areas of the body is especially dangerous. Take your child for teen skin care treatment right away for this irritating skin condition.

Skin Condition 4: Seborrhea

Seborrhea is often referred to as dandruff because it leads to dry flakes of skin falling from the scalp. However, this condition can occur on other areas of the body, especially during adolescence when teenagers have changes in their hormonal levels. Your child may have inflamed red patches of skin on his or her back, chest, or neck that are irritated by clothing. Using the dandruff products found at drugstores is not always effective for seborrhea, so bring your child to a specialist for teen skin care treatment.

Skin Condition 5: Severe Acne

Most teenagers develop acne, but if your child has severe skin problems with blackheads and pimples, then professional treatment is a great idea. Severe acne can lead to social isolation, but it can also cause ugly scars on your child’s skin.

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