When it comes to having a toned, vibrant face, time is not always on our side. Sun damage, age, and weight changes can all leave their marks on our face, but fortunately, a face lift for men can restore your face’s youthful appearance. A masculine jaw profile and a refreshed appearance are just two changes you can expect from a face lift. The team at Joseph Banis, MD in Louisville, KY are dedicated to helping you stay at the top of your game, and a consultation can address questions you have about whether a face lift is right for you.

How Is A Face Lift For Men Different Than It Is For Women?

A face lift, or rhytidectomy, involves tightening the muscles of the face and neck and removing excess skin to give the face a healthy, youthful look. Think of a face lift as restoring the appearance that your face would have had when you were an adolescent or young adult. Just like in women, a face lift for men restores a streamlined profile, allowing the face and neck region to appear more tightened and defined. A face lift can be combined with liposuction and surgeries for the eyes, forehead, and chin to target other areas affected by time.

In terms of the surgical process involved in undertaking a face lift for men, there is no major difference when compared to the procedure for women. Your doctor will discuss with you the best way to restore a young, masculine look to your face. Your doctor will also consider other factors like your hairline and beard growth to make sure you do not develop visible scarring.


Many men out there may have noticed time’s effect on their face, but never considered a face lift because they thought face lifts were only for women. Well, men get face lifts, too. Men develop saggy skin, double chins, deep lines, and wrinkles, just like women do, and a face lift for men can rejuvenate your face just as dramatically as it can in a woman. Here are some benefits to a face lift:

  • Defined jaw profile and facial contour
  • Refreshed masculine look without the tell-tale signs of surgery
  • Remove excess fat from the face
  • Does not have to radically change the way you look: you can still look like you


Typically, you can return to work within seven to ten days of your surgery, and any swelling or bruising should be gone after two weeks. Pain is not usually a major complaint, and many men notice a change in their facial appearance right away. A face lift for men is not a radical change; think of it as an update. The team at Joseph Banis, MD in Louisville, KY understands that a face lift can make a huge difference in this competitive professional climate. Contact us today and schedule your consultation!