It is normal to look in the mirror and be a little critical about how you look in your own eyes. If only you could change this feature or that one, then you might be able to feel more confident in your appearance. Fortunately, residents of Louisville live in a modern age where minor to extreme changes in how you look is a simple matter of medical science in action. Before you take the plunge and undergo surgery to change your appearance for the better, you likely want to find a plastic surgeon with the knowledge, experience, and skill needed to get the job done. Look no further than Dr. Joseph Banis in Louisville!


When a surgeon is going to alter how you look, you want to make sure they will do a superb job. Everyone has seen the poor results of tattoo artists. Imagine if a plastic surgeon made similar mistakes as an amateur tattoo artist. Once the alteration is made, it is not going to be easy to go back and fix it. Repairing that kind of mistake, if possible, is going to be hugely expensive. Knowing that our plastic surgeon in Louisville has had expert training from a reputable school is a major bonus.

Level of Experience

Beyond simply having the credentials to perform plastic surgery, it is also a good idea to also make sure the doctor is not new to the field. The last thing you want to be is a guinea pig for a newly practicing plastic surgeon itching to hone their skills. You should be happy to know that Dr. Banis has a lengthy track record of successful operations.

Board Certification

When a plastic surgeon is board-certified, it means they have gone above and beyond. Dr. Banis is proud to have earned board certification from the American Board of Surgery, so you can be sure that you are in skilled, caring hands under his care.

Consulting Our Plastic Surgeon

If you have been looking for a well-respected, talented, board-certified plastic surgeon in Louisville, make an appointment at the office of Plastic Surgeon Dr. Joseph Banis. See firsthand why he is the go-to plastic surgeon in the area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Louisville!