Your nose plays an important role in defining who you are. This is because people remember you and identify you by your face. And your nose sits right in the middle of your face. It plays an important role in adding balance and harmony to your face. Rhinoplasty is the official term for the medical procedure that is designed to reshape the appearance of your nose. Since nose surgery can have such a drastic impact on your appearance, rhinoplasty is by far one of the most popular surgical cosmetic procedures that is performed today.

When you reshape your nose and you give your nose the right proportions for your face, you can enhance your entire appearance. If your face is in harmony and it is in balance, you will look your best. It may only take a minor tweak to change the shape of your nose. The effect that this can have on your appearance is amazing.

Even researchers understand this. When a person looks at your face, the very first thing that they look at are your eyes. And the second thing that they look at is your nose, and finally they look at your mouth. All of this is done within a fraction of a second. If your nose is not in proportion to your face or if your nose is off-center, people notice it immediately, and it drastically affects your appearance. If your nose is too big, people may spend a lot of time looking at it, and it may detract from some of your other, more attractive features.

This unwanted social attention is awkward. It can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. It can have a negative impact on your personal life as well. And, believe it or not, the shape and size of your nose can have an effect on how far you go professionally. Rhinoplasty can give your nose the symmetry that it needs, thereby improving your facial aesthetics and the way you feel about yourself.

It is important to understand that nose surgery does not make you a new person. You will be the same person that you were prior to the procedure. However, it can enhance your emotional well-being.

Your facial proportions matter. People notice them and will judge you based on them. Fortunately, you can get better facial proportions with nose surgery performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Banis in Louisville. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for nose surgery.