Anyone who has met me knows how much I believe in medical grade skin care. It’s not about being on 12 products, applying layer after layer; it’s about adding the work horses to your routine to get true collagen stimulation and cell turnover. It is not a magical process that happens over night, but something that routine use shows the best results.

We don’t take a “cookie cutter” approach to skin care. We tailor a skin care regimen to what is truly best for your skin, which requires regular follow up to make sure we are meeting your needs. We will never recommend you start with a peel. We will always recommend that you are on good physician strength maintenance of daily products before considering other treatments.

It is during this follow up phase we often get asked, “What else can I do for my skin? I really like what I am seeing.” This is when it makes sense to determine how we can further stimulate the skin. If we are trying to achieve a better texture, lighten pigmentation and improve fine lines, then often we recommend one of our chemical peels

Chemical Peels have been around for centuries. Cleopatra started the trend in mixing fruit and herbs and applying them to her skin. She had the concept right and today the trends continue. We have more medical skin care options now than we ever had before. They can jump-start your skin turnover and – with your daily use of medical grade products – can make a very nice difference to your skin.

We wouldn’t recommend chemically peeling skin if you have active cold sores, active skin cancer, a sunburn or abrasion to the skin. If you have certain skin disorders such as Rosacea or Lupus, we may select a lighter chemical peel options. Some of our peels are very aggressive in trying to rid the skin of Melasma and difficult hyperpigmentation. Acne scarring seems to respond best to microneedling and laser treatments.

Being under the care of a knowledgeable skin care specialist is key. Being properly educated on your options is your gold key to successful skin health and choosing whether to peel or not peel.