Annual Open House
September 26
4- 7 pm

It’s that time again… our Annual Open House. Stop in and receive 20% off Ulthera, all Skin Care Products, Deka Dot Laser, Clear + Brilliant, Dermal Fillers, CoolSculpting, and Gift Cards! See below for additional information!

20% Off Ulthera

Ulthera is the first facial rejuvenation treatment that is FDA approved for – skin lifting, tightening and toning. This device is non-surgical and non-invasive. This innovative technology is delivered through micro-focused ultrasound that is able to heat not only the skin but deep under the skin to the same tissues addressed in facial surgery. This not only stimulates collagen but creates new collagen.

One treatment will be up for a silent auction that night if you are a candidate!

20% Off of All Skin Care Products

mybody – Our new Skin Care Line – 1st in Kentucky

A new innovative skin care line has arrived! The first of its kind mybody™ has bioengineered ingredients composed of amino acids, fatty acids, lipopeptides, novel retinods and vitamins from plant rather than human or animal sources.

Working from the inside out, without excessive peeling, the skin is left brighter, detoxifying and making the skin tighter, smoother and wrinkles relaxed. We are so excited to be the first in Kentucky to offer this great line of skin care.

20% Off Deka Dot Laser

Looking for tighter skin and improved skin texture? Deka Dot is one of the most successful techniques for treating every type of wrinkle. The fractioned technology combined with CO2 resurfacing now makes it possible to perform any treatment on the face and neck in total safety without ablating the skin. This laser can be used for issues like acne scars, superficial pigmentation and deep wrinkles.

20% Off Clear Brilliant

This laser treatment takes skincare to a whole new level. Not only does it improve unwanted signs of aging, but it gives you the power to help prevent them. If you want to look more even, have uniform tone, renewed skin, ultra-soft and smoother texture, then Clear + Brilliant  is the treatment for you. Patients report an immediate natural, radiant and glowing skin and a reduction in pore size with no down time. Ask to see our photos…seeing is believing.

20% Off of All Dermal Fillers

Yes, that includes Juvederm, Radiesse and Belatero!

20% Off CoolSculpting

This revolutionary new body contouring treatment precisely targets the stubborn fat you want to lose. It’s never been easier to sculpt the body you want naturally, safely and without surgery or downtime. CoolSculpting is FDA cleared with undeniable results.

20% Off All Gift Cards**

** Gift cards cannot be used the night of the Open House for any purchases.

Bonus Special

So…anyone that comes into the Open House and can show us this blog post will receive 50% Off ($60 Value $120) a Micropeel. We’ll put it on your account just for joining us!

Expires 12/31/13

Offers valid for September 26, 2013 Open House only.