We are very proud and super excited to now be the first to offer CoolSculpting by Zeltiq in Kentucky.

We’ve all been there, diets, exercise…the never ending treadmill. We all want healthy lifestyles that go along with healthy bodies. But let’s face it, stubborn areas of fat that no amount of exercise seems to budge are just so frustrating.

Until now there has never been a safer, more natural approach for remaining, troublesome fat bulges. It’s non-invasive, no needles, no down time, just an hour of your time. Matter of fact we have had patients read a book during their treatments, do work on their lap tops and even take a nap! Too good to be true? Now come on, you know us better than that! We’ve done our homework you can always count on us!

This FDA approved device is based on the science completed through Harvard Medical School showing that fat cells are extremely susceptible to cold – cryolypolysis (if you want to get fancy) therefore inducing a natural, controlled elimination of fat cells. Starting several weeks after a treatment, cooled fat cells begin a process called “apoptosis” and begin to shrink and disappear, therefore reducing the fat layer on the abdomen, love handles, bra fat pads and more.

Interested? Oh, we know you are. Give us a call at (502) 589-8000 to make a consultation to further discuss and see if this treatment is just right for you!