No one even comes close

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Banis’ office for some Botox and a little filler. After several visits, I was completely amazed at the warmth, caring, and EXPERTISE of this group. I have been to several other places in Louisville. No one even comes close.

I had breast augmentation surgery about 25 years ago. I am now 60, and over the years, the implants had become encapsulated and were no longer attractive. I felt very self-conscious. In addition, what I thought looked great 25 years ago no longer fit my personal aesthetics. I had a consultation with Dr. Banis, and I could tell that we were on the same wave-length. We had a couple of long and very detailed conversations. He understood what I wanted. He understands the conservative approach (as does the rest of the staff – no fish lips here!). Long story short – I made an appointment for the surgery. I must admit that despite my faith in Dr. Banis, I was still worried about the outcome. The big (verbal) reveal…I wish I had done this years ago!!! My breasts are beautiful, and looked exactly as I hoped they would. Better, actually. As I go to my post-op visits, I still receive the same caring attention from Dr. Banis and the entire staff. If any of you are having second thoughts about this procedure, please make an appointment to talk with Dr. Banis. You will be so happy that you did.