No one even comes close

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Banis’ office for some Botox and a little filler. After several visits, I was completely amazed at the warmth, caring, and EXPERTISE of this group. I have been to several other places in Louisville. No one even comes close.

I had breast augmentation surgery about 25 years ago. I am now 60, and over the years, the implants had become encapsulated and were no longer attractive. I felt very self-conscious. In addition, what I thought looked great 25 years ago no longer fit my personal aesthetics. I had a consultation with Dr. Banis, and I could tell that we were on the same wave-length. We had a couple of long and very detailed conversations. He understood what I wanted. He understands the conservative approach (as does the rest of the staff – no fish lips here!). Long story short – I made an appointment for the surgery. I must admit that despite my faith in Dr. Banis, I was still worried about the outcome. The big (verbal) reveal…I wish I had done this years ago!!! My breasts are beautiful, and looked exactly as I hoped they would. Better, actually. As I go to my post-op visits, I still receive the same caring attention from Dr. Banis and the entire staff. If any of you are having second thoughts about this procedure, please make an appointment to talk with Dr. Banis. You will be so happy that you did.

There is nothing “plastic” about Dr. Joseph Banis

There is nothing “plastic” about Dr. Joseph Banis, Louisville’s best surgeon.  He is a wonderfully caring and compassionate plastic surgeon with exceptional surgical skills, confidence to match, and a sense of humor that lifts his patients above their fears.  His skilled hands can fix a person’s natural “flaws” or even the accidental ones.  I had one of those “accidental skin flaws” due to trauma caused by numerous leg fractures.  In March, Dr. Banis restored the skin on my leg from the top outer layer, down deep to the bone, with what is known as a free flap skin graft. He and his surgical team removed everything that was “dead,” and replaced it with living skin, tissue, blood vessels, muscles and hair follicles.  Thanks to him, the affected area on my leg is ‘beautifully’ restored and healed.  It is difficult to describe my gratitude for Dr. Banis’ dedication to restoring wounded skin.  He has gone above and beyond to ensure continued optimum healing.  He and his staff at the Wound Care Institute have had everything to do with helping me heal on the outside as well as on the inside.

I instantly felt welcomed and comfortable

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Banis and his staff. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering plastic surgery to schedule an appointment to meet him and his staff. I instantly felt welcomed and comfortable in their office. For the past couple of years, I had been contemplating a breast augmentation, but I was very hesitant. I finally made the decision to at least schedule an appointment, and I am unbelievably happy to have made my decision to meet with Dr. Banis. (more…)

Love Dr. Banis and his staff

I had a face lift yesterday. I have had worse experiences at the dentist’s office. Dr. Banis and his staff were pleasant and forthright about what to expect. They talked me through the procedure and gave me helpful advice to take home with me concerning the swelling of my face. I don’t have any bruising as of yet, and the pain is very minimal. Truly, the worst thing I’ve dealt with so far is the bandage I wore around my head the first night. I hope the remaining recovery time will be as painless as the first 24 hours. Love Dr. Banis and his staff! I can’t thank you enough for the pleasant experience and the wonderful results of the procedure. VC


My experience with Dr. Banis and his staff has been fabulous

I would like to say that my experience with Dr. Banis and his staff were great. I had a breast reduction and a lift two months ago, and I love it! I don’t feel weighted down anymore and it eased my back and neck pain so much. My experience with Dr. Banis and his staff has been fabulous. They are so wonderful and they treat you like family – such lovely people! Thank you. K. M.


Dr. Banis took the time to get to know me

Dr. Banis and his staff did a fabulous job of helping me feel confident in my decision to pursue my breast augmentation. In 1996, I had to have plastic surgery on my foot. I had gone to Dr. Banis and was very impressed with the care that I received from him. When I thought about getting breast augmentation surgery, I knew that I would go back to Dr. Banis. He sat down with me to get to know me, it was not just “let’s get down to business” about the surgery. He took the time to invest in me as a person, and to explain how this procedure would benefit me physically and emotionally.

I would recommend Dr. Banis to anyone who is thinking about having any cosmetic procedure. He and his friendly staff take the time to make you feel at home!


I love and respect Dr. Banis and his team

I have had a Blepharoplasty and a Breast Lift, Botox and Clear and Brilliant laser treatment. They were the best things I’ve done for myself. My only regret was that I didn’t do them sooner. I love and respect Dr. Banis and his team.