HCG Diet

In Dr. Banis’ twenty plus years of practice as a Plastic Surgeon, he has seen men and women struggle with their weight. As a physician, wellness has been a priority not only for Dr. Banis but for all of his patients. It is not about just having a procedure to look better; it’s about steps we need to make ourselves as healthy and fulfilled holistically as possible. The better you feel about yourself reflects in other aspects of your life – relationships, self- confidence, job performance and so on. Our program is fast and reliable as the patient’s compliance allows it to be.

Dr. Banis offers medical-grade HCG tablets that are compounded by a pharmacy that formulates for and works with medical practices only. This is not a Homeopathic form of HCG such as what is being sold on the internet – with no FDA regulation, no formula consistency, and dispensed with no medical supervision.

Dr. Banis has researched the HCG diet and believes that it is a good fit for our patients. If a patient has a medical condition that needs to be addressed, he will work with their primary care physician during the program. Under medical supervision, the HCG diet program has proven to be quite effective for our patients!

HCG Diet – its history

Dr. Simeons is the creator of the HCG diet and studied this for over 20 years since the 1950’s. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone naturally produced in large quantity during pregnancy. What he found was that small regular doses of HCG in both men and women cause the body to release abnormal fat deposits but leaving normal and structural fat, as well as muscle. Patients notice that areas difficult to lose weight in previously i.e.: thighs, upper arms, hips and buttocks – now see a noticeable difference while on the HCG diet. The body begins to use that fat as a source of its energy, which allows patients to lose ½ to 2 pounds a day. The diet does not just entail using the HCG product alone but combining it to a strict 500-800 calorie a day diet with a restrictive list of foods. Medical grade HCG distributed through a physician’s office makes the difference for patients to reach their goals.

Look how it worked for Stacey… 

HCG…was the jump start I needed to looking and feeling better. I lost 23 pounds in the 40 day cycle. HCG is the first weight loss program that I have tried where I did not experience headaches or hunger. It was exciting to see progress each time I stepped on the scale. I felt totally safe knowing Dr. Banis and his staff was monitoring my progress, and was there to answer any questions, concerns or just to give encouragement. The HCG program was awesome!