Dr. Joseph C. Banis, MD

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One of the most respected surgeons in Louisville. Involved in some of the most advanced research projects, and performed some of the most complex reconstruction surgeries.

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No one even comes close

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Banis’ office for some Botox and a little filler. After several visits, I was completely amazed at the warmth, caring, and EXPERTISE of this group. I have been to several other places in Louisville. No one even comes close. I had breast augmentation surgery about 25 years ago. I…

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To Peel Or Not To Peel

Anyone who has met me knows how much I believe in medical grade skin care. It’s not about being on 12 products, applying layer after layer; it’s about adding the work horses to your routine to get true collagen stimulation and cell turnover. It is not a magical process that happens over night, but something…

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